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Chinese Study Bible, International (BSR)


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The Chinese Study Bible has both the Old Testament and New Testament. It contains materials from the ESV Study Bible, English Standard Version copyright 2008, such as notes, book introductions, essays, and illustrations, maps, charts, tables, and cross-reference systems. Special articles and resources also include the following:

  1. Daily Bible Reading Plan
  2. Weights and Measures and Currency Conversion Chart
  3. God’s plan of Salvation
  4. Essentials of Faith in the Bible
  5. An Overview of Biblical Ethics
  6. Overview of Biblical Ethics
  7. How to Interpret the Bible
  8. How to Read the Bible
  9. Canon of the Bible
  10. Reliability of Bible Transcripts
  11. Archaeology and the Bible
  12. Greek Old Testament Septuagint
  13. How the covenant Quotes and interprets the Old Testament
  14. The Bible and World Religions
  15. The Bible and Heresy
  16. Salvation History in the Old Testament
  17. Preparing the Way for Christ
  18. Chinese-English comparison table of proper nouns



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