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    New Testament: Pinoy Version Catholic Edition | Philippine Bible Society 2022 | Easy to understand

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    The New Testament: Pinoy Version, oftentimes referred to as the Pinoy NT, is a Bible that takes into consideration the society’s modern way of speaking.

    But despite its contemporary language style, the translators of this version were very careful to express the contents of the New Testament in the most respectful way possible in order to keep the Word of God revered and sacred.

    It is also jam-packed with incredibly unique features, making it a must-have for this generation.

    Here is a list of the added features you can expect from this faithfully completed translation:
    Line drawing art by Annie Vallotton, Reflective questions, Quoted text, Verses in typography format, Bible hugot lines, Word lists, “Mga Tulong Mula sa Bible”, Calendar journals, Daily Bible Guides, Prayer lists, Answered prayers lists, Faith goals, Gratitude boxes

    New Testament: Pinoy Version Catholic Edition, Philippine Bible Society 2022, Spiritual Book, paper cover, Easy to understand bible, Cheap Bible

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