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    Magandang Balita Biblia Protestant Ed Leatherette cover w/ Zipper

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    The Magandang Balita Biblia 2012 edition is the latest version from the MBB series, which has 40 years of faithful legacy to biblical translation. This upgraded edition reflects the changes in the dynamic Tagalog language to ensure that the modern Filipino can understand God’s Word better.

    Features: Saan Hahanapin sa Biblia, Talaan Ng Mga Salita, Mga Mapa, Santaong Gabay sa Pagbabasa ng Biblia, Kronolohiya ng Biblia, Footnotes and Cross-references, Paaano Basahin ang Biblia

    Product Dimensions

    Height 23cm

    Length 15cm

    Width 3cm

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