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Look & Find Bible : Noah’s Ark, Philippine Bible Society, Reading materials, Christian Bible, Christian Books, Kids, DVB, DVBS, DBV, Cheap Bible, DBVS, Kids, Children, Spiritual Book

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Look & Find Bible : Noah’s Ark is an exciting activity book that allows young children to experience the best-loved stories in the Bible. It is full of color, adventure, and scenery.

With so many things to explore in these large-size illustrations, children will be delighted to discuss and discover what is going on in the picture. Different items are listed for searching on each page.

Older children would also use this Look & Find Bible to learn and spell selected simple words. In this way, the book is both a first word and a look & find game at the same time.

A good alternative for screen time, the Look & Find Bible will be a good exercise activity for reading and concentration. It will surely keep kids meaningfully busy allowing you to work on other pressing matters.

The Look and Find Bible book structure is thick and sturdy. Perfect for households with rowdy young children, this investment will last a long time. Pages are tri-folded for a more interesting experience.

Ordinary whiteboard markers can be used to mark the pages. The marks can be wiped clean with dry tissue paper or cloth. This investment can be used again and again.

It’s a perfect item to entertain your kids, and future visiting kids.

A study of young children between the ages of three and five revealed that kids had lower comprehension of the story when their parents read to them from an e-book as opposed to a print book.

Researchers theorize this arises because children get distracted by the electronic device and have a harder time focusing on the story itself.

In another study, students who had read a short story on an e-reader were less engaged and had a harder time remembering the exact order of events.

Students who have books at home are more likely to score higher on tests, according to a study of readers from 42 countries.

It doesn’t matter how many books you have, but each additional book helps children perform better in school.

Researchers believe this is because having books at home encourages children to read for fun and talk to their parents about what they’ve learned, which only stands to benefit them in the classroom.

Look & Find Bible is just the right reading material for kids who are just starting to read.

So don’t feel guilty the next time you spend a little more than you planned at our bookstore: Science says it’s good for us!

Ages 2+

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Length- 8.5 inches
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Philippine Bible Society, Reading materials, Christian Bible, Christian Books, Spiritual Book, Kids, DVB, DVBS, DBV, Cheap Bible, DBVS, Kids, Children

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