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    Ganap na Buhay Study Bible

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    Ganap na Buhay Study Bible is a hard-bound study bible for readers who would like to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. This is a great tool for teachers, Pastors, and Bible study students and leaders. Ganap na Buhay Study Bible provides the following features:

    Center Column Cross-References – Shows related verses so you can connect the text to previous prophecies and commandments.
    Study Notes below the text – Provides scholarly comments to gain deeper insight into the Scripture.
    Book Introductions – Describes the author, tone, and context within which the book was written.
    Measurements Conversion Chart – This allows readers to appreciate better weights, distances, and measures described in the Bible.
    Colored Maps and Illustrations – visually illustrates the path taken by the early disciples for a better understanding of the spread and coverage of their journey.

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