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    Bundle Deal New Testament and Psalms and Proverbs Pinoy Version

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    Kung gusto mong basahin ang Bible sa language na ginagamit mo araw-araw, ang Pinoy Version ang swak sayo. “Pinoy” ang tawag sa Translation na ito dahil gamit dito ang mga salita at expressions ng mga Pinoy ngayon- estudyante, empleyado, nanay, tatay, ate, kuya, teacher, negosyante, writer, artist… at kahit sino ka pa! Ito ang salita ng Diyos sa language mo.

    Buksan at basahin mo, at makikita mo na ang Salita ng Diyos ay hindi pala mahirap maintindihan. Higit sa lahat , mari-realize mo na applicable ito sa buhay mo.

    What is the Pinoy version?
    The Pinoy Version (PV) is a new translation of the Bible that tries to capture the most natural and contemporary way of speaking.

    What is a heterogeneous language?
    We, Filipinos, have reached a stage where, many times, the most natural way to speak is to use a heterogeneous language or a mixed language. This means that instead of just one language, two are used in the translation. These are Filipino (Tagalog) and English. The popular name is Taglish.

    Why Two Languages?
    This is to retain the natural flow of thought when we speak. There are things easier expressed in English, while some are easier said in Filipino.

    How is the PV different from other versions of the Bible?
    Other translations use homogeneous language. The PV is very often a heterogeneous language translation. When one wants the contemporary way of speaking, it has to reflect the spoken form of the language so that it is easy to understand. The translation is rendered in the most natural way in its specific context.

    Why is the PVNT a good translation?
    The PVNT meets all the standards of a UBS Bible translation project: First, it is accurate, being faithful to its textual base, the UBS Greek NT 5th ed. Second, it has no doctrinal bias, and third, it is easy to understand because it chooses the most natural way of saying something.

    Who started the Pinoy Version?
    The Philippine Bible Society initiated the PVNT through its Translation Dept. (now Publishing Dept), after a thorough analysis of the linguistic situation prevailing in the National Capital Region especially.

    Contemporary language but reverent, can they go together?
    Yes, they can go together.
    Usually, written language eventually becomes formal. One usually departs from the written form if one wants to be contemporary. Contemporary reflects the spoken form. The contemporary, spoken form is usually informal but it can be expressed in reverent language.

    Informal but reverent language
    Lumayo sya at nag-pray na nakadapa sa lupa, “Tatay, please, kung pwede lang po, wag ko sanang maranasan ang paghihirap na to. Pero hindi po ang gusto ko, kundi ang gusto nyo ang masunod.
    Matthew 26:39, Pinoy Version

    Lumayo siya nang kaunti, nagpatirapa siya at nanalangin, “Ama ko, kung maaari po, ilayo ninyo sa akin ang kopang ito ng paghihirap. Ngunit hindi po ang kalooban ko, kundi ang kalooban ninyo ang mangyari.”
    Matthew 26:39, Magandang Balita Biblia

    Why is the Pinoy Version easy to use?
    -What is easy to say in Filipino is expressed in Filipino, and in English when it is easy in English
    -Words in English not easily expressed in Filipino are expressed in English but the inflection or affixation follows the rules in Filipino.

    Happy reading!

    New Testament
    Product Dimensions:
    Height- 7 inches
    Length- 5 inches
    Width- 1 inch

    Psalms and Proverbs
    Product dimensions:
    Height – 7 inches
    Length – 3 inches
    Width – 0.2 inch

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