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    • Ang Biblia: Pinadayag (Compact)-0
    • Ang Biblia: Pinadayag (Compact)-0

    Ang Biblia: Pinadayag Compact Size | Cebuano Bible | Hardbound | Old and New Testament | Philippine Bible Society 2022 | KJV | Biblia

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    Ang Biblia: Pinadayag converts the original Greek and Hebrew texts into their corresponding terms in Pinadayag. Being form-based in nature, it is also a word-for-word translation of the Holy Scriptures in Cebuano.

    Ang Biblia: Pinadayag, Cebuano Bible, Hardbound, Old and New Testament, Philippine Bible Society 2022, KJV, Biblia, Small Bible, Christian Bible, Spiritual Book, Cheap Bible

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