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    121 Free Shipping Promo

    Dear Online Shoppers, thank you for dropping by our Webstore! Because of that, you are entitled to an e-voucher for FREE SHIPPING! Be one of the first 121 online shoppers to avail of this offer. All you need to do is browse, choose, and purchase!


    1. This FREE SHIPPING promo is open to all orders for Metro Manila deliveries only.

    2. Online shoppers will receive an e-voucher code, which qualifies them for free shipping of items purchased.

    3. The e-voucher is non-transferable and is good for single transactions only.

    4. The e-voucher code is computer generated and will be sent to you via email and text message.

    For inquiries, drop us an email at or contact us via landline at (632) 8521-5792 or mobile at (0927) 642-0467.


    Happy shopping!

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