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    cancellation and returns

    Cancellation & Returns Policies

    Returns Policies

     Policies applied on product/s ordered online 30-day Warranty Policy
    (Applicable both domestic and international)

    The Philippine Bible Society assures customers that all Scripture products are produced in the best-quality condition. However, in unforeseen and/or uncontrollable cases such as those noted below, PBS provides a 30-day Warranty Policy given that the customer reports within three days upon receipt of items ordered. This warranty policy guarantees replacement of the same damaged product within 30 days.


    1. If items delivered have production defects, i.e.:

    1. Washed out printing of text.

    2. Inverted binding

    3. Incomplete books and/or pages

    4. Double image

    5. Misprint – a large portion of the image is missing and text is no longer readable

    6. Ink blot
    7. Scum

    8. Smearing

    9. Wrinkles

    10. Wrong collation


    2. For items with physical damages caused by shipping and handling (warehouse and/or courier):

    1. Incomplete quantity or wrong items were delivered.

    2. Any customer-induced damage will not be covered by this policy.


    PBS does not have a refund and exchange policy. All online purchases will be delivered within 30-days from submission of order. For any delays, contact PBS for a follow up and/or courier for shipment tracking information. For international orders, taxes may apply depending on the location. The customer is responsible for paying the taxes imposed by his/her country on imported goods. If theft cases arise, courier insurance will cover the loss of the product. Contact courier for details on this policy.

    Cancellation Policies

    Order cancellation may be done within 24-hours (Manila time, excluding Saturday and Sunday) upon submission of order. Customer must contact (63) 02 5215785 and look for Ms. Glady Abogadie. Non-cancellation within the said timeframe confirms online purchase. Customer support is from 8AM-5PM, Mondays through Fridays only, Manila time.

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